About - Door 32 Real Estate Investing
Real Estate at Door 32 buys, renovates and sells homes throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our focus is to make neighborhoods beautiful one home at a time, and we're enjoying doing it.
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What We Do?

The team behind Real Estate at Door32 are focused on building better neighborhoods one home at a time. We do two things, and we do them well.


1. We Buy, Rehab & Sell Homes working hard to make that home a better place to live for new families ready for their next home.


2. We Buy, Rehab & Rent Homes providing those who aren’t ready to buy a great place live.


Both of these help us achieve our mission of Making Better Places To Live.


Why The Name?

For us, life is about doing what you love everyday and giving yourself the freedom to live. In order to get there we’ve set our sights on something very concrete to help stay track when was ask the simple question:


“Is this helping us to achieve our goals for the life we desire?”


For us that goal is owning 32 Doors, and everything we do is targeted at allowing us to reach our goal in the best way possible.

Meaning once we reach “Door #32” we’ve reached our financial freedom.


That doesn’t mean we’ll stop our mission to make neighborhoods beautiful one home at a time once we get get to 32, but it does mean that we’ll have the freedom to decide.